In the webinar we’ll discuss the common types of network security attacks, how attackers gain entry, stages of the attacks, how to detect them and defend the network from such attacks. We’ll also talk about how to ensure a sound security to the network by implementing security applications and assess the level of security with help of a Red Team.
The objective is to understand the complexity of the attacks, identifying vulnerabilities and how to combat them.

Webinar Details:
Speaker George Dobrea,
Designation: Founder and CEO of XEDUCO Institute
Topic: How to stop network attacks from winning
Date of Webinar: 6th May, 2020
Time and Location: 03:00 PM IST | 01:30 PM Dubai Time | 12:30 PM Jordan Time
Attendee Takeaway:
– Types of network attacks and their stages.
– Learn how to protect your network from these attacks.
– The role of the Red Team when identifying vulnerabilities.

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