(العربية) عن جرين سيركل


Our world today is ruled by technology and we can’t do without it at all. From booking our flight tickets, to catching up with an old friend, technology plays an important role in it.

However, the same technology may betray you when it’s vulnerable and could lead to loss of essential data. Cyber security, alongside physical commercial security has thus, slowly and steadily, become one of the most important topics in the business industry to be talked about.

Therefor, Green Circle is a Jordanian company, Specialized in Cyber Security. Green Circle is innovative and professional in its services by partnering with best in-class products and services to identify and solve security threats and issues for its clients, with Completely Unique offering we believe we are going to keep you safe in green area out of Cyber WAR.

Green Circle team has a depth experience and expertise in both the commercial and government sectors and has a qualified technical staff holding top accreditation and qualifications.


Green Circle main mission helps organizations and businesses to defend themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world by providing the Integrated most efficient way to find and stop cyber attackers


Green Circle vision to be an acknowledged global leader in cyber security by delivering outstanding Integrated Solution and services leading our customers to be in Green Circle



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