Cyber ​​security faces many technical, political, social and cultural challenges. It is time to intensify efforts at all levels to adopt and develop cyber security strategies, cooperation and coordination between all sectors, and based on the importance of cyber security and within the efforts of the Green Circle Company in activating the role of cyber security, especially the youth, The Young Professionals Group of IEEE Jordan Branch launched the “Cyber ​​Security Marathon” challenge in partnership with the Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Al Hussein Technical University (Crown University), Ibdaa Association, Green Circle Company, Sawaed Arabia (non-profit company) and business incubator Faster Capital

The Cyber ​​Security Marathon is an annual challenge spanning 5 months, aimed at creative and innovative production in the fields of cybersecurity by training participants, developing their capabilities in a competitive environment, and motivating them to come up with real projects to solve the growing cybersecurity challenges to support technology and the economy. The marathon will qualify 100 participants and is considered a security marathon Cyber ​​is the second after the first season of the Astrolabe Marathon for Scientific Creativity, in which 200 participants participated, and 43 integrated creative projects were graduated, three of which were invested