Applied Diploma in Cyber Security

Applied Diploma in Cyber Security

  • Course Description:  The Applied Cyber Security Diploma is designed to equip aspiring individuals with the knowledge, skills, and practical expertise required to safeguard our digital assets, protect sensitive information, and defend against ever-evolving cyber threats. This comprehensive program not only addresses theoretical concepts but also emphasizes hands-on experience, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges in the cyber realm.
    Throughout this course, the student will develop their ability to implement and manage cyber defenses. The curriculum covers technical approaches as well as commercial and human factors that significantly influence how organizations respond to cyber-attacks. The acquisition of these technical skills and knowledge will provide a solid foundation


    • Period:9 Months (360 h)
    • Course After Discount:$1000

    The online training course will include:

     Ethical Hacking and Testing
     Operational Security for Critical Infrastructure
     Advanced Hacking Techniques
     Conducting Penetration and Security Tests
     Information System Security
     programming with Python
     Networking and data security fundamentals
     Security operation center analyst
     Cybersecurity Management
     Threat Intelligence & Incident Response

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Our cyber security training can help you and your team build fundamental to advanced cyber security techniques, Learn how to protect and defend against cyber threats with cyber security training courses for all levels of your organization.

From our interesting courses are; Certified Ethical Hacking , Digital Forensic and, Incident Response.

You and your team will learn to approach cyber security offensively and defensively through real-world examples and exercises, hands-on labs and expert instruction. You will gain knowledge to secure your critical systems and assets.

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