EC_Council Masterclass

The C|CISO Training Workshop is a premium Training & Certification program for aspiring Chief Information Security Officers that wish to penetrate the inner sanctum of Information Security Management and Leadership. During the C|CISO Training Workshop, participants will be challenged to develop a business continuity plan for a company in a given industry and situation, use metrics to communicate cyber risk for different audiences, and describe how to align a given security program with the goals of the business in which it resides, among many other exercises. The challenges are aimed at helping aspiring leaders develop business acumen, practice on their managerial skills and further hone their technical expertise by diving deep into how security should be injected into the procurement process and how a CISO should manage budgets and assets.

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Cybersecurity Diploma

Cybersecurity Diploma provided by Philadelphia University in collaboration with Green Circle co.

Upon completion of the three course of this diploma, graduates are granted a certificate from
Philadelphia University, Microsoft & Green Circle.  

Cyber security Training Courses

Today being security-aware is not something required only of IT and Cyber security Professionals. It is the responsibility of everyone in an organization to have at minimum a foundational understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities to secure your critical systems and assets.

Green Circle Co. Courses is designed to provide security training no matter your level of experience or requisite need.

Now you can take cyber security courses to build your skills and advance your career with Green Circle Co. 

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