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A SOC gives an organization the ability to anticipate and respond more quickly to threats, work more collaboratively and share knowledge more effectively. The SOC act as a security-monitoring, detection and response hub for the entire enterprise. 
Here are 10 considerations for success: 

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Integrated Security change People, Process and Technology
You need to address all three areas – People, Process and Technology- to success. Change it by addressing attitudes, procedures and tools. 


Green Circle reputation protection service’s for social media is an integrated system for protection personnel & organizations from reputational abuse or exploitation on the web, which is explained in the diagram below: 

Advanced Monitoring and Management Solutions

Face Detection /Tracker Solution

The solution provide detection and tracking any face using cutting edge technology, innovative machine learning , AI , ML and data analytic.
Face Tracker can make your life and business more secure and controlled where ever your property is,  Face Tracker can monitor the premises & the surrounding areas. Government institutions, large corporations, airports and malls.


The internet of things/everything, or IoT/IoE refers to a network comprised of physical objects capable of gathering and sharing electronic information requiring human-to-human or human-to- computer interaction.

Utilizing IOT with face detection, The solution provides detection and tracking for face using AI , ML and analytics to provide the bellow:

Advanced SOC Services and CAPABILITIES 

Continuous Improvement and TRANSFORMATIVE Initiatives

The reality is that threats are getting increasingly harder to discover, and attackers are more brazen than ever. By maximizing insight and investments, improving processes and culture, and accelerating capabilities once you have a strong foundation, you can prioritize your resources and work toward minimizing overall risk. 

Integration with other Units

The change in the cyber risk environment coinciding with a heightened need for procurement of new technologies and services has created a new paradigm for a cyber security partnership between Society entities.
Collaboration between Society entities stakeholders is a proven model that makes good sense. Together, they can identify products and align flexible product paths, evaluate technology gaps, and help design scalable architectures that will lead to greater efficiency and fiscal accountability.

Vulnerability Analysis 

Vulnerability Analysis 

Advance Analytics
Vulnerability Assessment
Insider Threat Analysis
Threat Trends 

Plan, Polices and Procedures 

Plan, Polices and Procedures 

Security Polices/ Procedures
Secure Operations Planning
Incident Response Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
Continuity of operations planning 

Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessment 

Risk Managements
Risk Assessment
Security Audit 

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Green Circle Packages Services – Monitoring

Green Apple

Our expert security analysts monitor your network 24x7 to deliver in-depth analysis of your security activities and remediation of vulnerabilities and threats.

SIEM with 24X7 Monitoring.
Vulnerability Scan & PEN Test once Per
IDS (Host Based for All Servers).
Hardening Security Devices.

Green Circle Packages Services – Monitoring

Green Circle Packages Services – Managed

Green Grape
Leveraging Green Circle Systems staff for management improves operational efficiency and provides better protection coverage.

SIEM with 24X7 Monitoring, Managing all Security Devices (Administration).
Vulnerability Scan & PEN Test once Per Month.
IDS (Host Based for All Servers).
Hardening Security Devices

Green Circle Packages Services – Advance Managed

Green Kiwi 
SIEM with 24X7 Monitoring, building Process and Procedures and Risk assessment. 

Vulnerability Management & PEN Test
once Per Quarter.
IDS (Host Based for All Servers), Advanced Server Protection (Analytics, Patching, antiX).
Hardening Security Devices, Threat Management, Social Media Tools, Brand/Name Protection .

Green Kiwi