The Effects of a Pandemic on Digitization and Cyber Security

The Effects of a Pandemic on Digitization and Cyber Security

What is the impact of coronavirus on Cyber Security market, vendors, technology, and type of
Attacks and target, Is it considered as an opportunity for hackers? And what is the impact from
Economical point of view?

Major Topics: 

  • Why the Cyber Security after COVID-19 is different?
  • Economic Impact on both market and providers.
  • Increasing Threats why and How.
  • Employment and Salaries impact.
  • Impact on Government initiatives for Digitization.
  • Impact on E-commerce?
  • How to plan Budget for Cyber Security.

Target Audiences:
Executive Managers, Business Owners, Government IT Managers, digital transformation planners,
Banks Cyber Security Executives, Executive Financial officers/planners, Government Economical


  • Dr. Ameer AlNemrat – East London University
  • Dr. Mostafa AlFayoumi – Princess Sumiyaa University
  • Nidal Bitar – [email protected]
  • Eng. Mohammad AlKhudari – CEO Green Circle

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